I choose to start 23 honest!
29 days out of 30 I probably spend like this with my little miss. No make up in my robe, winging it at life motherhood girlfriendhood adulthood sisterhood daughterhood and friendshiphood. Questioning if I’m failing or thriving feeling vulnerable and superhuman (I added to the worlds population under 3 months ago). Hoping that maybe this year will be the year I figure life out, knowing that this year will be like every other I will learn all I need to irrespective of whether or not I want to. Recently I have understood myself in depth; there are certain experiences that require you to face and reflect on who you are, that require you to be BARE. The standards shift when you look in the mirror daily and see your character instead of your features and because of this and the fact that every part of you is exposed requires complete honesty. I see me truly now.

One thought on “HONESTY.

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