This is my first of many day trips from London with Sanaa and our trusty pushchair a 2nd Gen Bugaboo Cameleon A.K.A The 4X4 and Sanaa is still in her bassinet.
Scrolling through Instagram as you do I saw an event in Surrey  for the day after and decided on a whim to go.
Just past Kingston there’s a quaint little village called Cobham. I’d heard of it on the train into uni many times but never actually been. I knew the risk of things going wrong such as getting lost or forgetting crucial baby gear (which by the way is worse), so as preparation I did a google search about it and where it was. Its best known for being the home of the Chelsea FC training ground and having lots of walking trails river side and woodland alike.
From Brixton to the Medicine Garden (in Cobham) I would need to take the tube a train and a taxi. Brixton and Vauxhall both have step free access platform to street. The trains were South West at both ends and the middle carriage of the train have a multipurpose space for pushchairs , wheelchairs and bicycles, there’s two in each in case you’re going with someone else.
 From Vauxhall I took a direct train to Guilford, 10.50 and 34 minutes later I got off at the tiny Cobham and Stoke d’Abernon station.
Here’s where it gets slightly tricky, in order to leave the station I needed to go up and down two flights of stairs as well as across a foot bridge, back to London the platform is next to the street and all flat. For around 2 minutes I thought about trying to lug the 4×4 up the stairs by myself then I saw a caretaker and I shamelessly asked him to help me. Bless him he just did it for me. Never underestimate the generosity of strangers and remember to smile.
Outside of the station is a local taxi firm I had already called them to make sure there was a car available that was also big enough but you can also turn up. The catch is I wasn’t in London and they didn’t card so much for averting the risks. After a bit of to and fro a guy in the taxi  office let me know there was a cashpoint nearby so off I went and by the time I got back the car was waiting. The drivers. were so lovely and helpful overall.
When I arrived at The Medicine Garden I immediately noticed how serene it felt and looked, it’s a walled garden and creative space. Boasting free entry they sell crafts, have an open air cinema, do fitness classes and have spa treatments. There’s something for everyone, the venue is so perfect for the summertime especially with two on site cafes you needn’t leave (I didn’t try anything but will next time). There are baby changing facilities in the loos. The event I went to was actually for mums its called Mothers Meeting and thank god they had blankets because I honestly didn’t even think of bringing one, even if there wasn’t a reason I’d visit these gardens again for sure.

pictures courtesy of The Medicine Garden

Sanaa and I went for lunch on the high street (I like saying that it makes me sound less of a loner haha) after we left it had all the usual shops and restaurants so we ended up in Pizza Express. Which was very quiet there were 3 tables including us, when does that happen at lunchtime in London ?!? The staff were professional, friendly and didn’t mind Sanaa’s enactment of a roaring lion.
The journey home we were both a bit knackered from our mini adventure. It’s safe to say I’ll be back Cobham for this city girl it was a great slice of suburban life.
NEXT STOP: Brighton
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