WHAT MOTHER DOES: My beauty and haircare regime.

Here’s something you don’t find often. It’s me, talking about cosmetics, skincare and hair with Mallory, the talented beauty writer and mom (Shes a New Yorker!) behind What Mother Does.  She talks to women who are also mums about their beauty routines among other things. I’m so low maintenance I don’t actually know how this woman managed to get such a good interview. But, what I did share was how and why I keep the system I have for my hair and what is my go to skin care product. THE ONLY ONE I HAVE. So be sure to have a read and check out the amazing pictures. All taken by the brilliant Rachel over at September Pictures, who is also a fellow mum and she can work with her daughter in a baby carrier #GOALS. Talk about a girl gang, between the 3 of us and the 3 babies it was a really fun time. Anyway enough waffling from me you can find the full interview here.

As always happy reading x

What Mother Does

Photo courtesy of ©2017 SEPTEMBER PICTURES

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