Hiya I’m Remi Sade,

I’m Geography BSc undergrad and by the end of my degree, I’ll be a teacher (fingers crossed).  I’m 24, a slight oversharer and I’m a mum to the most amazing little girl. When I found out I was pregnant in my first year of uni, I was absolutely bricking it! Along with everyone else in my life I had a load of questions about how student life, motherhood and refinding myself in all of that would go. So instead of figuring it out first like a regular person,  I chose to share my candid stumblings and discoveries with whoever will listen. In the hope someone will find some comfort in the knowledge that we’re all just winging it.

If you’d like to collaborate or discuss any freelance work feel welcome to get in touch with me via email booksbabyandback@gmail.com.

Alternatively pop on over to the contact page,  or say hi on my Instagram, where you can also find me sporadically  posting about plus size street style.

I’m always happy for a chat.

On that note hi, it’s nice to meet you too x